Thames-Side Studios Gallery

GAMUT, Caspar Sawyer

Exhibition Dates: 27 October – 27 November 2016

Caspar Sawyer utilises skills learnt in a career in the games industry to create multi-disciplinary digital media artworks. These explore his preoccupations with the universal themes of perception, mortality and the increasingly virtual nature of experience.

The show includes pieces from the artist’s recent series of Oracle paintings which are made by sampling colours from online imagery through the words in the titles. Caspar creates custom software to create abstract images from the net as a 'black box' process; the originals are never seen. These are combined to form a final composite which is recreated, and then painstakingly painted, airbrush on aluminium.

Also included are works from the Distance series, which examines the physical nature of screens and the distorted notion of intimacy with the subjects viewed through them. Developed through the macro-imaging of various display manufacturers, decimation and magnification inject a distance between the viewer and the subject; highlighting the reality of the screen and dislocating the sense of familiarity. The exhibition also sees the unveiling of entirely new work, including Three Kims which was created specifically for the space. For more information on Caspar Sawyer go to

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