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GARDENING An exhibition of paintings by Rebecca Guez
Exhibition Dates: 30 June – 23 July 2017

Gardening – the regrowth, cultivation… planting and renewing, sowing and seeding… accidents and weeds. Works that are made in the garden.


Gardening is quaint… women’s work…

1.the activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime.
"her love of gardening"

what a fucking liberty

Dirt and earth, sweat and paint, sitting and drinking beer with tom and bill. I fucking love the garden.

My pleasure garden.

19th May, got kicked out the garden by landlord for killing the grass with 9 metre work… cried for a whole day… over dinner especially.

Bodies and siblings, works that stick and suck paint off one another… little suckers. They are light and quick; little offspring.

Co-existing and living together… and if they don’t work, stick em back in the compost heap… under another work to leave their trace.
sat sodden on the floor and left to be imprinted by the things around them – the floor, the grass, some plastic underneath or some other ripped up paintings

Heavily staining and stretching. Definitely got bruised knees.

I definitely don’t want to leave my house. 100% temperamental.

The robins were very inquisitive when we hung the painting on the line… and the cats ran away.

My studio is too small, but I still cram stuff in and I sprained my wrist when I made the pink painting

bars and crossbars restrict, bruise and scar the surface.


The oil needs time to set and dry

Making something look mouldy/something that is actually mouldy.

I’m going to make a painting in the garden on the ground from the stretcher bars 240 x 225


Re-stain second piece of canvas,
Crumple and stuff.

5th October, painting, living and working in the garden. Today we completed a painting by stretching it, after it had been hanging on the line for a couple of days. It is deep and full and moving in its scale and intensity.

The other piece of canvas, which fed this finished painting, is still a mystery- its still crumpled up in the grass and side growth- after being soaked twice.

Want to make lots of things. Bed sheets and paintings

Today we unpicked the first finished painting, which had to be kept under a tarpaulin in the rain.

Catching colds.

I also want to do a really large painting and possibly make a frame for this myself- with no crossbars- to just give edge marks.

I don’t even think you can get stretcher bars this big anyway…

Thames-Side Studios presents Gardening, an exhibition of new paintings by Rebecca Guez, culminating in the artists first solo show.
Rebecca graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 2016 and continues to live and work in London. More on Rebecca's work here

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